Yoga and Singing Mamas Retreat Day at Sussex Country Yurt

7 Jul 2018 / West Sussex


Date: 7 Jul 2018

Cost: £40

Details: 10.30am- 3pm

Location: The Sussex Country Yurt, Nabolds, Northlands Rd Warnham RH12 3SQ



Run by: Sarra Whicheloe and Zoie Kennedy

Contact details: 07874048453

Further information:

Open your heart & free your voice with Sarra & Zoie

10.30am – 12.30pm Restorative Yoga with Sarra Whicheloe
1.30 – 3pm Singing Mamas with Zoie Kennedy
Attend the whole day or come just for the singing  (yoga places limited to 10 people)

The Sussex Country Yurt is a fun summer space with a gorgeous garden perfect for a day’s retreat. All activities will happen in the Yurt or the garden (weather permitting). There is a bathroom in the house. Vegetarian sandwiches are available for lunch (pre-order only).


Emphasis will be placed on feeling grounded and calm whilst opening ourselves to the natural energy in the body and breath. This will be done through a range of postures namely supported back bends leading to inverted and restorative postures. This workshop will also introduce yogic breathwork, Pranayama and Mantra. In the cooling space of the Yurt we will cultivate a listening embodied presence.

Sanskrit is the language of Yoga. The vibration of the vowel 
sounds purify and activate energy centres in the body.
Mantras are sounds or short Sanskrit phrases that have a
psychological and emotional affect. In Yoga they are seen as pure energy, or Shakti.

Singing Mamas

Enjoy the emotional release of singing and moving to uplifting tunes, sweet harmonies and  giving it a go with a smile. Celebrating the woman in each of us at all stages of our life. Feeling safe to sing from the heart as you are.

All are welcome to enjoy this opportunity to explore your breath, your  authentic voice.  No need to have sung before or be able to sing in tune.

You have the freedom to be silent and breathe at any time in the workshop to soak up the glorious sounds around. We will release tension and tune into the vibration of our bodies and soul.

The power of our words and thoughts to cultivate positive mind-body states is why singing is so healing. We all know how a good song plays in our head for many days afterwards…. lets start filling our hearts and minds with the joyful lyrics about love, peace and grace.