Anti-Racism and Cultural Honouring

Black Lives Matter Commissioning Project

This is a really important project run by 3 NVN members, Sian Croose, Kathy Bullock and Fran André. Its aim is to commission 8 black composers, 4 UK-based and 4 US-based, to write one song each for choirs/singing groups in the NVN. These songs will be learnable by ear, with soundfiles and scores to support your rehearsals, with a range of complexity from the straightforward, to the ‘takes more work but worth it!’

So far the project has raised enough so far to commission the first two composers – Lea Morris and Jennifer John. You can see a brief video of them here; this will inspire you to get involved!  They still need to raise significant funds to get this project really off the ground, so now is the time for you to bring this to the attention of your choirs. To help with this, they’ve written a letter which you can give to your choir members, and created videos below which you can share. The deadline for expressions of interest is 28th February, and money needs to be received by the end of March. Please email Fran to register your interest or with any questions –

For further introductory information, you can watch this video about the project, and there’s also a short video with clear information about how to get involved. It’s also possible to become involved individually; there are 4 funding levels: £50 / £75 / £100 / as much as you like(!)

Cultural Honouring of Songs

There are some important points for consideration when teaching songs, which are summarised in this Touchstones video. 

This video is a ‘simmering down’ of a longer document that can be watched here.

If you would like to read more on this topic, please click here.