Annual Gathering Archive

Presentations from 2021 Annual Gathering

Keynote Workshop by Camilo Menjura

Keynote Workshop by Polina Shepherd

Presentations from 2020 Annual Gathering

Video of the NVN at 25 years – filmed at the 2020 Annual Gathering

Keynote Workshop by Lucky Moyo and Dessi Stefanova – This link leads you to a Dropbox folder, where you can view and download the text from the workshop and all the songs.

Creating a Fully Integrated Choir by Joanna Greet Wielemans    (This is a PowerPoint presentation and will download to your computer)

Singing within XR and for the Climate Emergency by Jane Lewis and Becca Flintham

Trauma Informed Practice Workshop by Janet Swan

Round workshop by Laura Bradshaw

Fanfare Warm-Up by Helen Yeomans

Wacky Warm-Ups by Rod Paton

Timeline of the NVN at 25 years:

Older Annual Gathering Presentations


Turning Defiance into Song by Leon Rosselson – you can access the complete presentation here

Giving Voice by Joan Mills

Pre-AGM Discussion on Giving Voice, by Polly Bolton

Transgender Awareness for Choirs  by Kit Heyam

Getting Men Singing by Dominic Stichbury

Breath Support for Singing by Janet Swan

Digital Life and IT Tools by Sue Ellar

2017 – Research into Singing for Wellbeing and Health

Professor Stephen Clift from the Sidney de Haan Centre at Canterbury Christ Church University gave a presentation on recent results and current research into singing for wellbeing and health. He was also joined by NVN member Vivien Ellis, who gave a brief description of an education study she co-led with Stephen Clift, introducing trainee GPs to the potential of singing, dancing, storytelling and visual arts for health.

The whole presentation is available to hear and view here. The easiest way to use this is to click on the link and then click on the “download” button at the top right of the screen and the whole folder will download onto your computer. You can then click on the different files in order. The file named “read this first” is a useful introduction, and this is followed by audio files and a PDF file and the PowerPoint slides.

(Please note that if you have a problem opening the PowerPoint file, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the downloads folder
  • Right click on the icon for the file
  • Click on “properties”
  • At the bottom, click on “unblock”

The file should now open normally.)

Many thanks to David Gunn for his technical help with this, Paul Wilson for the audio recordings, Vivien Ellis for her commitment to this research, and of course to Stephen for his presentation and valuable ongoing work.

2013 – Communities of Practice

Below are summaries of the presentations about Communities of Practice given by Val Regan at the Annual Gathering in January 2013. Please note that these are only the Powerpoint presentations and as such they are unlikely to make complete sense to anyone who didn’t attend these sessions.

NVPN: A Community of Practice

Cultivating a Community of Practice

Annual Gathering feedback

Summary of feedback from 2019 Annual Gathering by Lotte Reimer

Detailed feedback from event evaluation of 2019 Annual Gathering