Keeping Yourself Safe

(Please note that this page is not yet complete.)

Most NVN members work on their own running singing groups and choirs, and may be dealing with vulnerable adults in a range of situations. Here are some guidelines for keeping yourself safe in these circumstances:

  • Let people know your whereabouts. Make sure that at least one other person knows where you are and for how long, in case something goes wrong and you need help.
  • Do your own mini risk assessment before you start.
  • Don’t assume nothing will ever happen to you. You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts. Don’t do anything that you’re uncomfortable with.
  • You might want to consider carrying a personal alarm if you are locking or unlocking up a building on your own at night in the dark.

If you do encounter any risky situations or experience any harassment or unwanted attention, the most important thing is to talk to someone else about it, whether this is in person or online. If you are in a regional NVN group, then bring this up at your next meeting, as it’s very possible that it might become relevant to someone else in the group. Use the discussion forum on the NVN website or the NVN Voice Leaders’ Forum on Facebook to share your experience and get support.

Please remember that although you might work on your own, you are part of a network of 650 members whose support can be invaluable. Someone else will have experienced a similar situation, and this can make a huge difference to dealing with it and importantly how you are left feeling afterwards.

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