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World Voice Day
World Voice Day


I run an inclusive community singing group in Croydon, in South London, where we sing a range of world harmony acappella songs, plus folk, gospel, jazz, blues, all at an easy level. We meet on Monday evenings. We sometimes share our songs in performance but it is not the main focus. We sing for ourselves in the moment, for the pleasure of it, sometimes also improvising a little (optional). We also have occasional Saturday workshops.

Forthcoming events

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I also undertake projects for other organisations and sometimes help raise the money for the commissions via our local charity. I’m happy to discuss any possible commissions or residencies using music in your particular circumstances and settings.


I also offer an affordable vocal facilitation development programme, now in its fifth season. This is both for the singing/vocal aspects and also for support in starting your own group or business.


Catherine Pestano is a community musician and social worker with a passion for helping people to free their voices and share in the joy of sounding, singing and creative music making. She was originally inspired in her work by encountering Frankie Armstrong’s ways, values and attitudes. (All hail the Queen!), then trained in community music at Goldsmiths and as a secondary music teacher at Greenwich /TrinityLaban.

Catherine works with adults, children, young people and in intergenerational programmes, with the voice, sound and instruments. The work often has a wellbeing or group development focus. She has experience with people with mental health needs and learning difficulties, physical and sensory disability, refugees, those with unaccompanied minor status, looked after children and ex-offenders, as well as businesses and many different community groups. Recently ran a Skype based composition project with a primary EBD school linking with a secondary SEN school in Florida. Currently developing a Looked After Children choir locally and a SEN PRU secondary choir.

Catherine’s music and people work has taken her to a variety of countries and institutions, delivering for her own charity plus universities, Music Leader regions, Trinity KS2CPD course, TrinityLaban, Goldsmiths and other initiatives. She is a member of NVN, Sound Sense (recently Chair for 3 years) and NAME, and is a Fellow of the RSA, HEA, SSE.

Catherine trained for three years in Organisational Consultancy at the Tavistock clinic. Combining her interests in people and music she is a member of the SocArts group looking into ways music can be used to help work with conflict. She is also a part-time community music PhD student at Winchester. Recipient of the inaugural ISME Award for community based music education programmes. Variously published including in the United Nations Compendium Music as a Natural Resource

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