Kathleen Bosenick


Awaken your Natural Voice

Communication is at the heart of our existence. It is the very foundation stone upon which our relationships are built. Therefore we find in every human being an innate longing to communicate, to voice feelings, to be heard and understood, to express the joy of being alive. And what is singing other than just that? – A communication freely given to the universe, straight from the soul.

In our modern materialistic world, song and music has become a commodity. It is bought and sold just like any other commercial product. With that comes a growing belief that singing is something only appropriate for the talented professional. We have become consumers rather than creators of song and music. Sadly, this is just another area where we are cutting ourselves off from sacred experiences, where we become that little bit more trapped in our bodies and that little bit less connected to the spirit and to our souls.

As a voice teacher, I strongly feel that everybody can sing and that everybody has their own unique natural voice. Sometimes this ability can become covered up by negative experiences in our past. As children we may have been told to ‘shut up’or ’be quiet’, or people may have ignored our communications. Some people may have been told that they cannot sing!

Frequently people will aim to sing like somebody else, rather than explore the qualities of their own voice. All this can lead to inhibitions, lack of confidence, and actual physical manifestations in the body, such as tensions and restrictions. These then act as further barriers to powerful communication and free self-expression through the medium of the voice.

In my voice lessons, I help people to reawaken their natural voice and overcome the tensions and restrictions that have built up over time. There are many approaches to natural voice work and a great variety of exercises to help the individual on their journey of discovery.

To me, what is absolutely fundamental to voice work is the development of ‘listening’: not the internal listening that most of us are familiar with, but an external listening, a listening for our voice out there in the space. This type of listening renews our vocal experience and opens up exciting possibilities for developing and freeing our natural voice.

Anyone interested in finding out more about my approach to natural voice work, singing lessons or voice lessons, please contact me on 07807085267 or by email at k.bosenick@naturalvoice.net

Apart from teaching singing, I also enjoy writing and performing my own songs. A new CD of my own material has just been released. For more information and to listen to the album, please go to: http://kathspellman.bandcamp.com

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