Jude Woodgyer

Jude has been an active member of Circle of Song (community choir founded by Sheila Macbeth) in Stroud, Gloucestershire for 20 years, not only as a singer, but also co-directing the choir with Nick, Fiona, Kate, Maisie, Mike (and others) for many of those years.

In 2016 she made the tough decision to leave her beloved hometown and choir and emigrated to New Zealand with her family.

She now co-directs Sing Out Levin (community choir founded by Myrna Michell also from the UK!) and runs her own ‘Acapella Jude Singing Workshops’ in Levin which is about 60 miles north of Wellington in the north island of NZ, as well as at festivals and other events.

Jude loves to sing and believes that we are all a lot happier and healthier in mind, body and spirit when we come together to sing in harmony.


Originally from Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK – now living in Levin in the North Island of New Zealand