Alexander Massey

Alexander has worked as a professional singer, singing teacher, writer on voice and performance, composer and songwriter for almost 35 years. His website – – has many free resources and tips, a blog, and videos (also a YouTube channel).

  • musically reliable amateurs, choral singers, singer-songwriters, aspiring professionals, music students, semi-pro singers, professional singers, recording artists & singing teachers (also mentoring/supervising)
  • pop, jazz, folk, classical & opera, rock, punk, music theatre (and belt), choral, country, metal etc
Techniques and topics covered:
  • an inside-out understanding of the voice, including: vocal anatomy, function and technique; vocal acoustics; song interpretation
  • performance skills & psychology (including the ‘inner game’)
  • preparation for roles, auditions, exams, college places, gigs & set lists, and tours
  • recovery from vocal damage, vocal strain or career crisis
  • microphone technique
  • recording: album planning, preparing vocalists & bands for the studio sessions, directing / coaching during sessions, assessing your demos
Alexander also offers the following:
  • training and coaching people who want to work on their speaking voices or communication skills (actors, voiceover artists, business people, presenters, lecturers etc) –
  • teaching and mentoring songwriters –

East Oxford


Mobile: 07771-988207