Ali Burns

Ali Burns is a hugely experienced songwriter and workshop leader, based in SW Scotland, whose first love is writing music. She has built her workshop reputation by teaching work she has composed. She also runs workshops in songwriting and harmony for beginners.

“My work is all about people singing together in harmony. I love the way that singing can unburden you from daily life and it’s this that inspires my workshops and my songwriting.

“I write songs then I teach them at harmony singing workshops and perform them with choirs. I also publish the songs and arrangements I write. Many workshops I do are open to the public, but I also get invited by existing choirs to go in and work with them – either to teach them new material or to work on vocal quality and technique. I also run workshops on writing work for community choirs.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the sound of voices singing: it doesn’t have to be a great voice – in fact quite the opposite – I think I’m inspired just by the fact that people’s voices are so closely connected to themselves and that they are prepared to stand up and sing – this is me – this is what I sound like! And when you put many voices together, the strong support the weak and the whole is such a magnificent thing – so much larger than the sum of the parts.”


Musselburgh / Castle Douglas


07801 244867


3–7 Jul 2020 Growing Harmony July
20–24 Aug 2020 Growing Harmony August