Andi Jaeger

I discovered the NVN on a women’s singing week in Scotland, which I’ve been to each year since 2002. I became friends with some of the NVN practitioners and we have organised several choir exchanges since then.

I lead a women’s choir Heart Core, a mixed choir Komm und Sing that includes people with mental health issues, and some other singing groups to help people to feel the power of their own voice and to enjoy harmony singing. I sing in a little mixed choir Piece of Peace with people aged 25 to 55, without leading, where we perform many of our own arrangements. I do much of this alongside Mira Leiendecker, a young choir leader who came with me to the women’s singing weeks and who is now also a member of NVN.

We have also run a singing holiday week in Germany every summer since 2010, where Val Regan and other choirleaders from the NVN lead workshops.

In 2017 we organised the first meeting of a German branch of the NVN and we are now offering voice leader training: The next one will take place on the 3rd and 4th November 2018. For more information send me an Email.





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