Celia Webb

Celia Webb SINGPLICITY  Glorious Singing Made Simple!

As a natural ‘Natural Voice Practitioner’ since 1998, I embrace the NVN core philosophy and have been a member since 2000. I have spent over 20 years leading all kinds of voice work in all kinds of contexts, doing all kinds of training, and establishing regular community singing groups and various wonderful residential singing holidays. I believe that vocalising, creativity and song should be accessible to all regardless of musical education or experience. Therefore, I believe passionately in creating non-judgemental supportive spaces for people to experience letting out the voice they have, their ‘Natural Voice’ – joining with others, and realising what an incredible, moving, joyful, powerful, harmonious sound they can make! It is a wonderful inclusive and accessible way for anyone to participate in glorious harmony singing without any need for previous musical knowledge or skill.

‘She brings a blend of depth, focus and light-heartedness to her singing teaching, always aiming for an uplifting of the body and soul using her inventive warm-ups and extraordinary and glorious harmony songs from all over the world. The joy takes care of itself as the group quickly generates an atmosphere of mutual support and care, usually amidst much hilarity ‘

I also run many one-off workshops such as ‘Singing for the Terrified’ Seasonal Celebrations, Wassails, Caroling and ‘Wild Singing’;  ‘Age Positive Singing’, and Singing for Well-being; I do Natural Voice Sessions for established non-NVN-style choirs, voice technique for theatre and performance including circus; and as the ‘Voice Ninja’ with ground-breaking ‘InspireMe’ company I offer highly effective corporate team-building and voice care with business and charity professionals.

“It was easy to relax and feel completely supported by your expertise”

As a member of the Sing for Water Cardiff team, I have been a part of organising Sing For Water concerts in Cardiff Bay in 2015 and 2017 (watch this space for the next event!) Thus far, we’ve raised well over £75k and counting.

In 2014 I began leading annual singing holidays and teaching regularly abroad in Bavaria and at the famously hospitable Maison Anglaise in Morocco. In 2018 I joyously dived into blue Mediterranean seas and leading Singing holidays from the gorgeous East Meets West Turkish Boat. See the ‘Events’ section and treat yourself to coming along.

“Once again I had a complete blast! .. your flexible approach was spot on, this ensured that you met the needs of the group. I will definitely join you again!”

Past work includes inventing creative voice play and singing programmes for children and adults with special needs, and those with depression or mental health issues as well as university drama students. For 5 years (until Feb 2017) I also ran Cardiff’s only ‘Singing for the Brain’ sessions for people with dementia and their carers.

I am currently hoping to cram in some more time for performing opportunities,  having spent 5 years till 2016, as a performer and a member of the sassy ‘Fanfare of Strumpets’, a ‘talented female a cappella group specialised in the singing of eclectic repertoire and the wearing of fabulous frocks..’




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