Chris James

Internationally acclaimed musician, singer and voice coach, Chris James works with the power of voice, sound, and expression. Chris’ understanding, and love of expression, voice and people, and his natural ability to impart the most profound information in the simplest of ways, makes vocal expression fun, easy and natural for everyone to experience. He has a way that allows even the most reticent person to experience and enjoy ‘discovering their natural voice,’ and to know that the very tools required, are already naturally within us.

‘Everyone is born with a beautiful voice and the ability to express freely.’

Invited to work in many areas, from professional development with corporations, government departments, health professionals, schools, including kids and teens on the outer edges of society, Chris loves community. Being able to feel confident as we communicate and express is something that relates to everyone, and Chris makes this relative and practical for work and daily life.

The ‘healing power of sound’ – supporting unity and connection in people, with themselves and each other is Chris’ gift to the world, and he has the most amazing ability to bring it. He leads thousands at corporate events and at major festivals, creating instant choirs and runs retreats and workshops internationally.

A masterful musician and brilliant singer, Chris brings true heart and soul to all his music.

His CDs of songs, instrumentals and purpose-composed pieces are played worldwide in homes, offices, clinic waiting rooms, massage schools . . . and at full volume in the car.

‘Everything that is in our voice is a reflection of what we hold in our body – tension and stress, or harmony and ease. Our voice reflects where we are at, so when fear, anxiousness and tension release . . . harmony naturally takes their place. I have found there is always more to learn about voice and expression, it never stops’, says Chris.

Online live or private sessions with Chris at your convenience, in your home

Voice and Expression sessions are powerful, transformational, and establish a strong, clear foundation for all aspects of your life – communication in relationships, public speaking, singing, job interviews, leadership, being heard one-on-one and in groups, and more . . .

Within our voice and body is a beautiful, powerful Vibration that is always naturally there. Voice, sound and tone, are a doorway through which we can ignite and deepen our awareness of that vibration, and so, our Living Potential of every moment.

How often does anxiousness and tension take control, colour our life playing a role in determining lifestyle choices and outcomes? When you are deeply present in your body there is no room for anxiousness.

Clients from Egypt to Europe to Australia and New Zealand are experiencing the multi-dimensional opening and awareness, and practical reality of these sessions.


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