Emily Marshall

My initial musical background was formed by singing in the back of the car on long journeys around Cornwall in my childhood! Then playing the French Horn in bands and orchestras. I had a career in Theatre Costume and later Gardening. This was followed by a singing epiphany at Polly Bolton’s Oak Barn. Determined to use my voice from then on I have been developing my work and practice since that time ,sharing the joy of singing with others.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to sing without fear and make music the most natural way, with their voices.Too many people say they can’t sing but when they join a group, choir or workshop they find that they can and that’s a wonderful thing which has literally changed lives. It changed mine.

I like to think of my work being along a singing spectrum which includes conducting a well rehearsed massed community choir in the mighty Sheldonian Theatre, running women’s weekend workshops, teaching a school choir, helping a folk choir, running day time groups for older people who want to stay active, babies and lullabies , mums and nursery rhymes, two Community Choirs and once in a while nurturing a pop-up scratch choir on a local allotment.

When people sing together something rich and magical happens. I love helping people to find their voices and sing.




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