Emily Roblyn

Born in Canada, Emily grew up singing and harmonising with her family around the kitchen table and performing at local events. She would spend hours on her own, listening to her father’s records and picking out the different voices and harmonies in everything from the Beatles to Vivaldi. She feels it is such a blessing that this has become her job!

Emily has been leading choirs for over 15 years.  She is a song writer and arranger, and an inspired performer.  Her  gospel and north american-folk inspired songs are well loved by people for their singabilty and their heart.  She is passionate about about encouraging others to experience and enjoy their own voices. She believes deeply that singing (especially in harmony with others) is a powerful and connecting experience and that singing is everyone’s birthright.

She runs 2 choirs at the moment: Spectrum (Devon’s only LGBT+ choir), Wild Harmony and her “Sound, Song and Silence” Retreats at Sharpham House in Devon.



South Devon – Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes and South Brent.


07935 070492

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