Frankie Armstrong

Internationally acclaimed singer and voice teacher. Frankie began running workshops in 1975 and these along with the voice leader trainings she began with her partner Darien Pritchard in 1988 formed the early foundations for the NVN. In 2017 she was made president of the NVN and in 2018 awarded the Gold Badge from the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

Frankie’s major influences have been the variety of vocal styles that originate from cultures where people sing as naturally as they speak, and also the Natural Voice teachers from the theatre world. She also pioneered the Voice of the Archetypes of Myth,;for more information on this please see her website. She has made 11 solo albums and co-written 3 books.

Frankie enjoys working with a wide range of participants from community groups to professional theatres.

Covid-19 message

Hello to anyone taking a look at this website in this strangest of strange times. I hope that wherever you are and whatever your situation you are keeping as safe and well as possible. I’m learning how so many of you who use voice and singing are finding different ways to keep in touch and sing together.

Being oldies Darien and I are just entering the world of Zoom and hope at least to keep our local connections happening. We’re hoping to gather together for our acoustic music evenings on Zoom, Darien will run his weekly Feldenkrais class and we’ll join Laura Bradshaw’s choirs for refugee’s, and the Come All Ye choir which contains many of the people we know in Cardiff.

Sending you warm wishes in hopes that this difficult challenging time will eventually lead us into a more compassionate co-operative and caring world both for ourselves and the planet. Frankie

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