Gillian Yates

I have taught singing for more than 30 years and hold a Master’s in Music and an LLCM diploma in performance. I believe that it is everyone’s birthright to sing. Although I teach all levels of singing, I specialise in teaching and empowering people to find their ‘lost’ voices. Many people believe that they cannot sing, often because of some past negative comment or experience. I really enjoy helping an individual rediscover their own sound and gain the confidence to express it. The next stage is for the student to realise that there are choirs out there that are inclusive and non judgmental where they can continue their journey of vocal self-discovery.

Another interest I have is in Singing for health and well being. In 2008 I trained with Musique et Sante and then worked on some voice projects with Waterford Healing Arts at Waterford Hospital.

I am a trained opera singer and have experienced a competitive world where only virtuosity is valued. Although this intensive training has been valuable, I am now interested in helping as many people as possible to discover their natural voices. I use simple voice techniques as tools to help with this. My part-time work teaching Performing Arts at the University of Gloucestershire, specialising in voice in the moving body, helps to inform my work and keep it fresh and innovative. My current research interests are voice in the moving body and how to manage stage fright. I also teach small workshops for those who have fears surrounding singing.

I have a private practice where I teach singing from a holistic point of view, examining habitual versus natural postural patterns and empowering people to sing – especially those who lack confidence.

I am also offering online group body and voice sessions from the middle of July 2020.