“Healing the world through song”

Melissa James is a performing artist, singer and songwriter but considers her true purpose to be that of a conduit for healing through the power of the voice, words and song.

Melissa performs frequently, sometimes incorporating singing workshops ahead of her performances and then inviting participants to sing with her on stage.

Her Big Sing project – SING4SANE – was her attempt to bring together and form a connection with those with an understanding of mental ill health.  These Big Sing events would see Melissa sing her song Live Again with her “public choir”.  Live Again is a song which describes someone’s desperation and deep cries for help.  Since the first Big Sing held at Caffe Nero in February 2016, subsequent Big Sing events were organised at London’s Waterloo Station and in Parliament with support from mental health advocates and MPs Luciana Berger and Helen Whately.  The SING4SANE Big Sing version of Live Again was recorded at RAK Studios in August 2016.  All sale proceeds from this single release, and other SING4SANE events go to the mental health charity SANELive Again also features as the soundtrack to the Darkness into Light promotional campaign in Brussels where performances have been held in European Parliament.  Darkness Into Light is a fundraising initiative as part of the work of Pieta House in Ireland which supports those affected by issues relating to suicide.

Summer 2019 will see Melissa bring SING4SANE to Cambridge Folk Festival where workshop participants will have the opportunity to sing Live Again with Melissa during her stage performance.

Melissa holds group vocal workshops and works with individuals wanting to use their voice as a tool for self-empowerment and a way for expressing their authenticity and forming a deeper connection to the self.


SW London