Holly Ebony

I’m a vocalist, composer and teacher rooted in South Devon.

Since graduating from Dartington College of Arts in 2003, I have performed extensively both as a singer-songwriter and as a soloist with Helen Yeomans’ vivacious performance choir Glorious Chorus, worked as a session vocalist and offered vocal technique tuition.

I run fireside forest school family singing groups, Wild Birds Singing in South Devon and tour playshops to schools, childcare settings, festivals and events.

I also run The Feral Chorus, open to all singers who want to bring their voices to the gathering and mix them in the collective pot of harmony, polyphony, improvisation and tender symbiosis.

This is an informal choir, welcoming tentative and confident singers alike, the main focus of which is to liberate our voices, serve the spirit of the songs and generate a collective intention to serenade Earth.

Having always lived in the edges and hedgerows, I have a deeply rooted connection to the land and love to share my awe and adoration of being a living part of this phenomenal Earth.

Where my work feels most alive is at the intersection of voice work and nature connection and this is increasingly what I tend to in my offerings.

The relationship between wellbeing and spending time in nature is so clear that it’s being prescribed by healthcare professionals.

For me there’s an extension to this though. My feeling is that the benefit is mutual and that the more we connect with, delight in and savour Earth, the more natural spaces, living systems and species will thrive. By celebrating and serenading Earth, we generate reciprocal benefits. In this moment when Earth is in crisis, it feels timely to dedicate my attention to that mutual thriving.


South Devon