Janna Goodwille

A singer-songwriter, choir leader and vocal facilitator based in London, I have over 20 years experience of performing and bringing music & singing to groups and individuals of all ages.

I founded and led Sydenham Singers for nine years, and Vauxhall Voices for eight years: both established and vibrant community choirs run by committee. At the end of 2020 I decided to move on from both choirs. Sydenham Singers is now run by the fantastic Natasha Lohan, also an NVN member.

For five years I was a co-founder on the team of the much-acclaimed Harmony Live: bringing friendly, mass community singing to London, Brighton & Bristol, and when lockdown first started I was leading a Singing for Breathing group, a funded community singing group, and teaching music at a primary school for children with learning difficulties.

In addition to delivering other singing & music teaching and workshops for schools (primary & secondary) and arts/mainstream organisations, I have led workplace choirs, presented at corporate leadership development courses, worked with actors on singing in their graduating production and have also maintained a 1:1 client base for many years.

In an unexpected but very welcome change of direction, I now work full-time in the NHS and run 1:1 singing sessions, plus evening and weekend singing courses.

‘Reconnection Sessions’ are group and 1:1 sessions that explore our connection with body, breath, voice and music in a way that brings participants back to a sense simplicity and stillness. I love working in a way that allows a deeper sense of who we are to shine through, as this fundamentally impacts what we are free to express and how with our voices!

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