Jennifer John Music

Jennifer is a vocal coach who, in addition to teaching technically, specialises in artist development. She works with emerging and established individual singers, bands and choirs in bespoke ways to suit their specific requirements and really gets to the core of who they are and why they do what they do.

It can take the form of individual and group coaching, singing workshops or masterclasses.

Jennifer says: “It’s one of the magical gifts in life that easily unites us socially, creatively and spiritually. People love to sing in all kinds of scenarios and the natural resonance that group singing creates guides people into a safe familiarity and closeness that stays with them profoundly even when the singing has stopped. People who sing together especially in choirs become families of choice and it’s powerful. My aim, through the creation and development of singing initiatives and projects, is to bring people and communities together naturally and joyfully.”

As the former co-founder of award-winning music company and choir Sense of Sound Singers, Jennifer has been at the forefront of choir development in the UK for 30 years. Her passion for working with diverse communities to give people a chance to have their voices heard, has resulted in many innovative and inspiring large scale choir projects and collaborations. Her current company, JJM is committed to providing accessible music training and artistic development for all.

Jennifer’s extensive experience as a singer, performer and recording artist means that she has a deeper understanding of the needs of her students. Her up-to-date training knowledge, professionalism and fun approach to teaching brings out the best in her students and ensembles.




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