Jo Allum

I am a singing enthusiast! I love songs of all types, from classical to world, traditional and popular. Most of all I enjoy sharing them and I welcome any opportunity to do so!

I have been involved in teaching adults and children for many years and am constantly reminded of how singing can enhance people’s lives. Currently I lead Get Vocal in Chichester on a Wednesday evening, a Thursday afternoon group and a monthly Saturday Sing. I am about to invest even more time in singing groups as I have just come out of teaching in full time education. I hope to set up a climate change group very soon, together with leading singing for older people, as well as those with dementia. I have just started leading a group of people with Parkinson’s with online sessions due to Covid.

I first got involved in leading adult choirs when I worked with an African singing group and led the music for a community play. I loved it straight away. Ever since then, my adult groups have been my favourite occupation and I have now stopped working in schools and am in the process of building up my individual practice. I also teach instrumental lessons and love to arrange music. My next aim is to start writing my own!


Chichester and surrounding area


01243 779049
07792 505972