Katie Rose

Katie Rose –  Singer, Conductor, Composer, Writer
Described by The Guardian as a ‘fine singer‘ and by fROOTS Magazine as ‘an eye (and ear) opener,‘ Katie loves singing and helping people sing.

Community Choirs
Katie’s love and enthusiasm for singing is infectious. Which means she generates that same love and enthusiasm in others.” – Bob Harper
Committed to making the power of singing accessible and inclusive, Katie leads choirs in community settings across London including Welcome Choir (Crystal Palace), ManSong (Landmark Arts Centre), Croydon Carers Choir and co-directs Caterham Community Choir with Sarah Fisher.  She has also led guest sessions for choirs including Croydon Community Choir, Heart of the City, Many Voices, Raise the Roof at the Horniman Museum, Shakti Sings, Sydenham Singers and Vocality.

Singing for Wellbeing
“Katie is seriously fantastic and a force to be reckoned with.’– James Wyatt, Singing for Breathing Northampton
An enthusiastic advocate of the wellbeing benefits of singing, Katie has led groups at Royal Brompton & Harefield, St George’s and Whittington Hospitals and St Christopher’s Hospice.  She currently leads Lung Songs at St Georges Hospital for Cardiac and Respiratory patients and co-founded a bi-monthly group for Cardiac Patients, HeartSong with her father, also an avid singer.

Mass Choral Events
She’s great, sings like a high bird and can bring hundreds of people together in one vision through inspiration, focus and song.” – Jana Rowland, Composer
Passionate about the power of singing to make waves in the world, Katie has directed and mass choral events including Festival of Peace Croydon in partnership with London Mozart Players and events for St Christopher’s Hospice. She has co-directed the annual mass choral fundraiser for WaterAid, Sing for Water London at the Thames Festival since 2017.

Vocal Coaching
When I started working with Katie I had no confidence in my ability to sing. Her inspirational teaching has enabled me to begin to develop skills and confidence that I would never have thought possible. – Sally Inman
With 20 years experience, Katie brings a unique, holistic approach to voice work, helping individuals to unlock the power, joy & magic of their true voice.

Katie has released three albums of music and composed a piece to accompany Road to Peace, a film about the Dalai Lama. Committed to sharing good news about the arts, she writes and broadcasts for local and international media.

I had my first experiences of the power of the voice whilst singing in churches and, at the age of 15, felt a strong calling to use my voice as a tool of transformation for others and myself. I was fortunate to be born into a musical family, with plenty of singing round the piano. My grandmother was deaf and my grandfather was a hearing child of deaf parents who became a Pastor for the deaf, directing signed plays and choirs. So I grew up surrounded by people who talked – and sang – on their hands and who see conducting as a direct legacy. These early experiences embedded a commitment to work inclusively and sensitively with the vast diversity of needs and abilities in community.

Tune in at www.therosewindow.org