Laura Victoria Hewison

I am a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and choir leader.

Having studied Folk and Traditional Music at Newcastle University, I teach the Folk Choir and Solo Folk Singing classes at Morley College, as well as teaching privately and freelance.

As a folk singer and NVN member, I believe that singing is our birthright. I see singing as a natural part of everyday life and as a wonderful and essential means of self expression.

I have also undertaken training in the Estill vocal method in order to develop my technical understanding and knowledge of vocal anatomy.

I encourage each student to get to know, explore and realise the full potential of their own voice. When working with groups, I prioritise creating a safe, supportive and fun learning environment where learners feel comfortable and confident to experiment and share ideas.

I perform as a folk/ pop singer, songwriter and cellist. I specialise in pop genres and songwriting as well as folk singing.

I am currently teaching vocal lessons and choirs via zoom. Please get in touch for more info.


Central London