Charlotte Woodford

I grew up in London attending the Centre for Young Musicians and then the London Schools Symphony Orchestra, and went to Birmingham University to study Music and Philosophy Joint Honours, with a major in piano performance and absolutely nothing to do with the voice. I have been a Choir Director and Laughter Yoga Teacher & Trainer since 2010, and adore my work. I have done the first module of a Masters Level vocal accreditation to understand the anatomy of the voice better and give myself greater confidence in helping myself and my choir members develop their voices and use good technique. In July 2018 I trained in Singing For Lung Health. My focus now is on the Arts for Health and Wellbeing, and bringing a broader demographic to the Arts.

My business name is ‘Lifebulb’, and I offer many different kinds of retreats, workshops, mentoring and sessions to light your lifebulb, including movement, meditation, satsang and mentoring besides singing and laughter. Recently I have begun to add art and movement to my singing workshops to enjoy different ways of relating to and exploring the music. I like to work at depths when possible/ appropriate, using music to explore our internal worlds and freedom to express.

I also run ‘Learn To Read Music Through Solfa’ classes. Solfa is a beautiful, intuitive method that makes reading music straightforward and opens up its structure and internal relationships – bringing greater fluency and understanding to this amazing universal language in a way that is accessible to everyone. I came across it after I graduated and was astonished at how simple it makes learning music.

Give me a shout if you’d like to know more – it would be wonderful to hear from you.


Mid-Wales, Midlands & London


07828 413484