Lindsey Bestwicke

I’ve been singing since i could talk and nobody has managed to shut me up yet! As well as leading my lovely singers, I have a couple of music projects – Picaroon (country, folk and a smattering of blues) and Corvids Call (solo a capella songs)

I’ve been leading Harmonise Singers since 2015 and we have grown together since then. We’re a small group with a lot of heart. We sing songs from all over the world, in several languages and with lots of laughs along the way. We are a friendly bunch and welcome new members at any time.

I completed my Natural Voice Leader training in 2016 with Frankie Armstrong, Sarah Harman and Darien Pritchard. This training really helped strengthen my teaching skills and my confidence. I also gained a fantastic support network from my fellow trainees.


Fakenham, Norwich


07875 600289