Lucky Kaur

Welcome all to Heart Harmony.

A collaboration and natural expression of voice, sound and rhythm. 

Through local and multi cultural songs, chants, harmonies, rounds from across our globe. I also include my own improvisations and songs.

Everyone is welcome regardless of musical experience and learning. I teach and lead through including all abilities. All the venues I use are accessible to all people of various physical abilities.

Joining in, trying out, having fun, finding the inner voice and connecting to the community spirit is the aim.

I am passionate about the natural voice and all the expressions of it. How exciting that we all have our unique expressive ways. I believe that expressing the heart through sound and working with the voice empowers our lives, harmonises our mind, emotions and body. I also love facilitating various unique expressions of voice and body movement, the auditory channel, emotions and psychotherapy.

My experience ranges from leading groups, choirs, workshops, meditation/festival events to singing, chanting, performing with many professional and community choirs to Opera. 

I am personally drawn to the natural voice and harmonies.

I am currently based  in mid-Cornwall.



Truro / St Austell

Choirs and Groups