Margaret Biddle

Singing has given me joy for as long as I can remember. After nearly 30 years of singing acapella, I now try to pass on to others songs I know and love to sing, and to enable others to share the thrill of singing in harmony with others.

I love that we need to listen in order to learn, and to listen to each other for the harmony to work, and that each person’s voice is unique and makes a difference. And, although simply singing on one’s own is fun, to sing harmony we need each other. Such metaphors for life and living!

I lead regular drop-in singing sessions, as well as one-off sessions and singing at particular events, teaching by ear and welcoming all voices.

I’m part of the teaching team at Shylarks, a group singing together in Old Trafford on Wednesday evenings where all are welcome, and where the teaching team are led and mentored by the wonderful Faith Watson!

I’ve also enjoyed doing lots of cover for other natural voice network colleagues over the last few years, often working with groups of people who sing together and are connected by specific health challenges such as cancer, stroke, or visual impairment.

At the moment I’m plying between Anglesey and Manchester, and look forward to more singing in Anglesey before too long, gobeithio.




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