Maria Soriano

Maria’s interdisciplinary training covers early dance choir conducting, the Kodaly method, musical pedagogy, voice teaching skills, breathing and relaxation techniques, harmonic singing, and Primal Singing.

Voice teacher, choir director and free improviser, Maria grounds her work in the exploration of the creative performer and the relationship between health and the arts. Being born in a family of doctors and public health lecturers made her interested in the health benefits of singing at a very early stage of her professional development. She has attended numerous training courses related to voice and pedagogy, but also related to singing for a better health (Canterbury University Centre for Arts and Health – Singing and people with COPD, London South Bank University – Making Every Contact Count, level Public Health Course).

Maria has experience in managing and coordinating teams and provides teacher’s support for the Sing to Live programme, at Kensington and Chelsea’s Borough, for which she has coordinated its Framework document. Maria is part of the Health and Wellbeing Research Group linked to the Centre for the Arts as Wellbeing at Winchester University.

Maria has developed her interpretation of Primal Singing for the last ten years, through personal exploration, experiences with students, concerts and hospital workshops. She loves that some people have called it “singing without words”.

To get an idea of the things she does, visit or visit to find information about voice workshops and mindful singing.


Richmond Upon Thames