Marie Franco

Hello! My name is Marie and I have always LOVED singing – in choirs, around campfires, in a little band with my friends at school….

I learnt singing both the organic way (belting it out whether asked to or not!) and through lessons of various approaches – such as the Alexander Technique, natural bodywork for singing, tribal chanting, and even some classical training.

This journey in singing has brought home to me just how much I feel that song and music are a birthright, and a natural practice as essential to life as breathing.

I now live in Devon where I run 2 choirs: one in my beautiful Valley on Dartmoor and another one for the Devon Recovery Learning Community in Exeter.

I am also a Holistic Wellbeing practitioner and a “Horse Whisperer”, and I love connecting with Nature in every possible way. I play the fiddle and love singing with my friends – any excuse for a song!

I strongly believe that singing should be available to and encouraged in everyone from an early age. It is what makes us human – individually, as a space to shine, and together, as a community bond. Everyone has a song in their heart, and everyone has a voice to sing it.

Everyone is welcome to my choir – little or old, confident or shy. I am passionate about helping people find their singing voice – or find music in their body in whatever shape or form.

So if you’ve been told you can’t sing, it isn’t true. Come and find out! And if you already know you can, add your voice to ours and let’s create JOY!


Bridford, Teign Valley


07866 877 423