Maya Waldman

Maya Waldman has been running community choirs and community singing projects for over 10 years, first based in London and now in Carmarthenshire. Maya is a warm, playful and clear leader and she creates and facilitates fun, supportive spaces where people at all stages of life and of all musical abilities can enjoy singing and harmonising together. Her teaching is infused with humour and support for the singers which helps them feel safe and free.

Maya now leads Sweet Harmony, a 50 strong community choir in Carmarthen she founded 5 years ago. She also facilitates Caring Choirs sessions in residential and day care for elderly people. She regularly travels back to London to lead day workshops.

In London she founded Song Works community choirs in North and East London, Bumblebee Music groups for babies & toddlers and a singing group in a homeless centre. She taught vocal and breath technique in the health sector: Singing for Breathing for people with respiratory conditions at the Royal Brompton Hospital and Womb Song for parents to be. Maya teaches at festivals, camps and celebrations and designs tailor made singing workshops to suit any setting.




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9–11 Sep 2022 Song and Yoga Retreat