Michelle Nova

I am a soprano, Bel Canto singing teacher, workshop and course leader in vocal technique, conductor, musical director of my own female ensemble ‘La Nova Singers’, author of ‘Singing Bel Canto – Art & Science’, researcher and workshop facilitator in the ‘Hidden Knowledge of Healing Vibrations through Singing, Music and Music’, breath and sound worker, and developer of ‘Singing Rainbow Vibrational Therapy©’.

I’ve been a Bel Canto singing teacher for over 30 years. I studied Bel Canto technique in London, which is when I first experienced the powerful vibrations when using focused breathing, connected to the imposto (third eye). It was this that made me realise that singing is not just about singing songs and having a beautiful voice, but has a far more profound importance in understanding how to connect to our subtle energies and vibrations for self-healing and the healing of others.

Over the past 30 years, as well as teaching singing, I have researched into the ancient Egyptian art of sound and colour healing, sound frequencies/vibrations and cymatics and have developed my own ‘Singing Rainbow Vibrational Therapy©’, using breathing, resonance singing and colour vibrations.  I have worked with children and adults with special needs, learning difficulties, mental and physical disabilities, anxiety, depression, stress, blocked chakra energies, dis-ease, and I facilitate workshops, courses and 1-1 teaching and therapy sessions.




01202 470307 or 07866 607427