Penny Stone

Penny Stone is a songleader, community musician, songwriter, singer and activist. She runs various community singing groups in Edinburgh as well as using music with patients and staff at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. She teaches music and song from all over the world as well as using songwriting to help enable people to find their own voices and voice their own experiences. Penny specialises in using music with vulnerable groups and to support mental and physical health. Penny has worked with groups of singers from diverse cultural backgrounds, helping to support people to share songs from their own traditions, and helping to find the ‘middle ground’ where our different tunings meet. She is currently running regular groups for people living with Dementia, living with Parkinson’s, a Women’s Choir and an Open Community Singing Group.

Penny co-leads Protest in Harmony, Edinburgh’s Radical Choir, and runs Radical Voices, a bi-monthly folk club/open mic night raising money and awareness of a variety of issues such as environmental justice, peace and social justice and inclusion.

As well as facilitating harmony singing with groups, Penny teaches individuals, so if you’re not sure what noises your voice might make, and you want to have space to explore your voice, get in touch. She is also available for one-off workshops on a variety of themes, and making scratch choirs happen in different environments with one or two rehearsals.

Penny believes that everyone can sing and anyone is welcome to participate in sessions that she leads. The more the merrier! :)




07805 454 620