Sarra Whicheloe

I aspire to hold a space for all to enjoy singing from the heart and to connect through this freedom of expression.

My voice work is about building accepting, non-judgmental communities that sing together, and bringing singing into our homes and our gatherings – for all to feel uplifted by the emotional release and expression of singing together.

Songs affirm the cycles of life and express our tides of emotion so that we feel safe, nourished and connected.

As a yoga teacher with a background in South Indian Classical Vocal and Dance, I bring a love of melody, rhythm and embodiment to my singing circles.

After the Aspiring Leader Training with Susie Ro in 2016 and the Singing Mamas Leader Training 2017, I am inspired to share songs. I am currently a Director of Singing Mamas Choir CIC, empowering women to improve their well-being through creating song sharing communities.


Godalming, Cranleigh, Horsham, Guildford



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