Sarah Jane Heath

I am a body worker and singer, a former social worker and therapist.

I offer Deeper Listening Voice Circles and one to one sessions for those who wish to free themselves from judgements, painful beliefs or limiting conditioning about their voice, as well as for those who already love to sing and wish to express themselves authentically through the magic of collaborative vocal improvisation.

I welcome heart and soul and the recognition of our bigger aliveness. My sessions are nurturing for the voice through holistic awareness and connect participants with each other and all of life.

My background in therapeutic body work creates a safe and held space with a unique opportunity to explore the embodied voice as a living instrument, where participants can drop a little deeper into themselves through movement, gentle breath work, vocal play and sound expression.

In groups we enter deep listening together, using forms from Collaborative Vocal Improvisation to sing our truth and support and receive that of others, weaving sound and co-creating soundscapes, uncovering beautiful, raw, wild and imperfect human music.

I trained with Briony Greenhill and continue to be an active member of the Collaborative Vocal Improvisation Community.



East Oxford and Faringdon