Sarah Patterson

The power of singing to heal, inspire and connect us is deeply ingrained in me. It’s the main focus and joy of working with others. Singing as medicine  has taken me all over the world in the last 20 years working with people from different cultures and indigenous tribes. We’ve shared a lot of laughter, truth and songs.

I now run residential retreats and workshops including a Medicine Singer Training for singers and healers. This consists of two 8 day modules with additional one on one time with me for people to explore personal singing projects and how they want to bring them to then world. We also support people as they vision quest with the land and create their own medicine songs. This medicine is the personal medicine is in the world to offer as well as the healing power of their singing voices.

I also offer workshops such as ‘Singing Wild’ which began when I lived on Dartmoor – down a track for 7 years, and Bare Bones Voice Practice. Influences which are included in the work I’ve developed are native Hawaiin and Tibetan Buddhist training and body energy work – I trained in the early 90s as a traditional acupuncturist. Meditation is important too. I have learned that listening in the spaces reveals the sound.

I offer rigorous but kind and exhilarating voice practice and development, teach chant and work with groups. One to one sound healing sessions are available as are sessions where people explore their own connection to their voice and purpose. Co-creating is another passion as is writing songs. Among my recordings are ‘White Tara’, BuddhaSongs’ and ‘Nandita’s Dream for children. The last features wonderful world music artists such as Sura Susso, Sheema Mukherjee and Black Umfolosi and of course lots of children. Over the years being involved in children’s projects has been a joy.

So I call the ‘basket’ for my work – the place where all the tools and experiences go ready to be pulled out when we need them…The Singing Path and there is a website if you’d like to know more. Blessings and Love, Sarah


Devon, UK