Zoe Hatch

Zoe loved to sing as a child, taking the lead in school plays or joining campfire circles led by her father. Thinking a career in singing was the preserve of those with ‘bel canto’ voices or for recording artists only, she pursued other avenues of teaching and counselling for her early work. It was the chance gift of lessons with an opera singer in later adulthood that led to her to rediscover her childhood love.

She quickly realised that Glyndebourne wasn’t quite what she aspired to – so she started to explore work with other vocal coaches and artists.

Working with Briony Greenhill and Susie Ro Prater led her to discover vocal improv and the Natural Voice Network. Their philosophy that singing is for everyone helped her re-discover her own style of ‘barefoot singing’ and rebuilt her confidence in her own abilities. She realised that our modern approach to singing as the preserve of an elite few had stolen her voice and she was ready to reclaim it.

Zoe’s professional practice over recent years has shown her that singing is absolutely central to our humanity and our wellbeing and we have the tools to sing for a reason. Singing is a vital part of our ability to process thoughts and emotions and is central to living a fulfilled and wholehearted life.

Zoe discovered personally how singing can help you grow as a person – as she grew more confident in singing, so too did she grow her capacity for other passions such as politics and activism. She found herself speaking out with clarity about the environment and social justice, both issues she cares deeply about. She has appeared as a guest on daytime television and spoken at conferences about the urgent need for us to do more to combat Climate Change. She is proud to fly the banner for these issues and recognises she would not have had the confidence to do so if she hadn’t found her singing voice first.

Having found her voice again, Zoe is passionate about supporting others do the same. She brings her deep experience of the power and potential of singing and her conviction that everyone is born with the ability to sing to her work with individuals and groups today.

“I want to sing like the birds sing,
not worrying about who hears or what they think”
– Rumi

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