Sue Ellar

Sue has been a member of the Natural Voice Network since 2012.

She firmly believes in the therapeutic power of singing, and the delights of glorious harmony singing. Sue teaches simple, beautiful harmony songs by ear, without sheet music, to people of all abilities.

Her songs come from all over the world, drawing inspiration from African, Eastern European and Native American traditional music. She sings with a smile and has a very relaxed teaching style that aims to make everyone singing with her smile as well.

A great organiser and something of a tech ninja, using technology to teach singing to large groups is right up her street. Sue leads Woodland Voices, Vocal Calamity Zoom Choir and the Cardiff University Staff Wellbeing Choir and is known for bringing together choirs of over 600 singers in Cardiff.

Sue’s full-of-energy style will get you singing along and feeling great in minutes!