Tembre de Carteret

Tembre is a song leader in Ireland, and lives with her family in County Clare. Tembre has been leading men, women and children in song in for 19 years. Her career as a song leader has been an organic and natural process for her, and singing has been her love, her passion that brings health, clarity and inspiring to her life personally and professionally.

In 2008 she received her MA in Community Music. She has extensive experience in leading women’s and mixed choirs, teaching early years immersive music sessions, children’s choirs and each summer guests in holistic camps in the UK and Ireland. Tembre regularly creates and implements singing events in Ireland and has regular song leaders in the UK and US as guests on her events. Her roles are as a choir leader, community musician, mentor, early years music educator and performer. She has explored singing in a natural organic way, by creating a safe, held and fun space for all inclusive of heart and soul.


County Clare (East )