Stacey Cole

I am a vocal coach, Certified Fitzmaurice Voicework® Teacher, and Speech-Language Pathologist in Salt Lake City, Utah, with experience helping people to gain ease, expressiveness and freedom when speaking or singing.

My background is in theatre, art, and communication, working as an actor, filmmaker, teacher, and medical speech therapist.  I perform regularly with the band Have Ukuleles Will Travel, with Heart and Soul Organization, sing in two local choirs, a jazz ensemble, lead song circles, singing workshops, and provide individual voice coaching.  What I bring to vocal training is a rich variety of techniques from the performing arts as well as from voice therapy, combining art and science.  My approach is holistic, inclusive, playful, and filled with opportunities to explore, make self-discoveries, and to gain experience, confidence and skill.

There is nothing that gives me greater joy than to share what I know about the human voice and to help others find vocal freedom.



Salt Lake City, Utah, USA



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