Resource: A Song Book for Everyone: Songline Edition


Associated NVN member: Lindsey Joy

Publisher: Singing Mamas Choir

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Brought to you by Singing Mamas Choir, this is our very first Song Book containing 21 beautiful and original songs – available to order now!

The Songline sessions over lock down 2020 was an uplifting and vital experience for many of us – the gift of a song, three times a week, brought us together as a community and enabled us to feel joy and comfort as we sang.

We have put together a song book which celebrates the Singing Mamas Choir community and the very special guest song sharers to the Songline series – featuring compositions by Helen Yeomans, Kirsty Orr, Sophia Efthimiou, Fran Andre, Kirsty Martin, Asha McCarthy and many more!

The song book is for everyone, and designed to be accessible to all regardless of singing ability. It does not require you to be able to read music as we have included the option to purchase the parts as downloadable MP3’s and Listening Album. As well as the MP3s, there are also helpful performance notes.

You can enjoy and share these songs at home, in your choir setting, amongst friends, in schools and as part of voluntary roles in the community.

As part of honouring the gift of song that the contributors have made, we have made sure to include in their own words, where the inspiration to write the song has come from and the origins of the song.

Song List:


  • From the Birds – By Victoria Casey
  • The Sun Is Rising – By Phillipa Snell
  • East Chorus – By Kirsty Martin
  • The Sun Will Rise – By Kate Shrubsall


  • Turtle Dove – By Emma Partridge
  • Zooming High – By Louise Blackburn
  • You Gotta Start Somewhere – By Penny Stone
  • You Are Enough – By Kirsty Orr
  • This Is Home – By Sophia Efthimiou


  • Ceremony Boogie – By Helen Yeomans


  • Rock And A Hard Place –By Lynfa Sioufi
  • Tick Tock – By Victoria Casey
  • Hold On – By Emma Partridge
  • Overlapping Waves – By Maya Waldman
  • Rock Me Slow – By Zoie Kennedy
  • It’s OK To Stop – by Rachel Hilton


  • Circle Of Firelight – By Emma Mutter
  • Seed Song (Listen) – By Maeve Leahy


  • I Will Sing – By Jo Taylor
  • Burn Brightly – By Fran Andre
  • So Much – By Asha McCarthy

Proceeds from the song book, after we have covered our production costs, will go into the Singing Mamas Choir Community Interest Company. The CIC is a not-for-profit arm of our organisation and focuses on singing for better health and well-being and making singing accessible to all.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy our Song Book!

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