Resource: A World Awake In Song – Sophie Sterckx


Associated NVN member: Sophie Sterckx

Price: £22 - £25 (Download & audio parts / Paper Copy & audio parts)


Further information:

A new songbook of 12 compositions (with audio files included) – a great resource for singers and singing leaders, community choirs and choir leaders. The songbook includes simple warm-up and workshop songs as well as lengthier choral compositions ideal for choir and a cappella performance.

Song titles (11 original songs and 1 arrangement by Sophie Sterckx):

  • Red, Gold & Brown
  • Na-na-naa
  • Peace To The World
  • Golden Light
  • Old Man Of The Moor
  • River
  • I’m Not Singing
  • Dawn Chorus
  • The Last Tree
  • Climate Change Challenge
  • Carry Our Love
  • May The Road Rise with You (arr.)

Listen to A World Awake In Song short video collage here.