Resource: Acting and singing with Archetypes – Frankie Armstrong and Janet Rodgers


Associated NVN member: Frankie Armstrong

Publisher: Limelight Press

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The journeys in Acting and Singing with Archetypes are based on the Voices of the Archetypes and Myths workshops that Frankie Armstrong has conducted throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. This groundbreaking, interactive book – with an accompanying CD – shows actors and singers how to expand their creative choices by taking journeys to find the archetypes within themselves. Archetypes are universal essences that we all recognize: the Mother, the Lover, the Trickster, the Spiritual and Temporal Leader.

The book has a powerful introduction by the late Kristin Linklater, author of Freeing the Natural Voice.

“In this unique book Frankie Armstrong and Janet Rodgers enter boldly into a quest for the integration of all these subjects and offer a persuasive pattern of exercises and activities that have the power to unleash individual artistic creativity.” – Kristin Linklater, author of Freeing the Natural Voice.