Resource: Betsy’s Teaching CDs for Community Choirs–Multi-Part Songs from Around the World Volumes I & II


Associated NVN member: Betsy Sansby


Price: $16.95 USD for each volume. 100% of profits go to CARE.ORG

How to buy: Download at the website, or order online.


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Further information:

Betsy Sansby, who leads the One World Community Choir in Minnetonka, Minnesota, has just produced a set of teaching discs for community choir leaders.

Each beautifully-recorded volume in the series contains all the parts to five or more a cappella songs from around the world. Each part is highlighted on a separate track, so it’s easy to hear how each part should sound, as well as how it interacts with the others. And each song is recorded with a click, so you always know how each part relates to the beat. Each CD comes with a PDF file including the lyrics of the songs (but not a score), translations for the songs, and teaching suggestions for choir leaders.

If you order the downloadable version of either Volume, you’ll automatically receive the PDF file of the liner notes by eamil. If you order the CDs in hard copy, email Betsy, and she’ll send you the PDF by email. That way, you can email lyrics sheets to your choir members whenever you want.

100% of all profits from the sale of these discs will go to, a charity devoted to empowering women and girls in the poorest regions of the world.