Resource: Blameless Hussie CD – It’s Not Our Fault


Associated NVN member: Jenny Goodman

Publisher: Self published

Price: £15 plus postage and packing

How to buy: Visit The Blameless Hussies Facebook page and leave a message or contact the Hussies direct - Jenny on, Sarah on

Further information:

New CD from The Blameless Hussies (aka NVN members Jenny Goodman and Sarah Harman). “It’s Not Our Fault” features a feast of 14 acapella songs – all original songs or original arrangements.
The Blameless Hussies tell the stories of women across the world and through time – songs of their own experiences and of the lives of others, giving a wry, witty, moving and inspiring take on the world from a woman’s perspective.
All this for £15 plus postage and packing. Get in touch to buy your copy. We also have an offer of including our previous mini-CD featuring 4 Hussie top hits for an additional £4.
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