Resource: Cats of Coven Lawn


Associated NVN member: Frankie Armstrong

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Further information:

New CD by Frankie Armstrong to celebrate her 80th birthday. Also featuring Bread And Roses, a trio made of Frankie, Pauline Down and Laura Bradshaw.

Songs included:

  1. Bread and Roses
  2. Cats of Coven Lawn
  3. Something Sings
  4. Lizzie Wan
  5. We Are Women
  6. Four Seasons
  7. Yoiks
  8. Where I Live On the Map
  9. Idiano
  10. Willow Song
  11. Marcy’s Guest House
  12. Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  13. Song of Strength
  14. Encouragement
  15. Dead Funny
  16. Life Lived Well

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