Resource: Celtic Song Trio songbook


Associated NVN member: Jane Harris

Publisher: Jane Harris, Songways

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A set of three songs for voices in harmony inspired by images and celtic phrases from Brittany, Cornwall and Wales.

Lyrics JULIE TONKIN Bradford on Avon/Cornish poet, writer and Songways singer
Music JANE HARRIS Director of Songways

Our Celtic Song Trio is the happy result of a year-long collaboration. It was first performed in Bath in May 2019 by Songways.

The songs are inspired by images and celtic phrases from Brittany, Hep skoazell trevell – single-handed endeavour, Cornwall – Kescana kescolon – to sing together with one accord and Wales – Ymddisgleirio – to shine forth.

When the songs are sung together as the Celtic Song Trio, each one moves fluidly into the next, creating a sense of completeness and a satisfying whole. 

Recordings of the songs are available on Jane’s album, One touch of nature.