Resource: Don’t stop me blooming.


Associated NVN member: Louise Blackburn

Publisher: Burnhart Publishing

Price: £10 for PDF £14 for print copy

How to buy: Please take a look on my website for all the details.


Further information:

I am really proud and excited and a little nervous to introduce my first songbook

I have been working as a choir leader since 2010. It is my absolute passion. The arrival of Covid19 in 2020 was an absolute bodyblow as it stopped face-to-face singing overnight. As I moved to a virtual choir format I found myself running out of material that was suitable for quick, short, satisfying teaches. Necessity being the mother of all invention I started creating.

My songs were met with huge positivity by my choir members and I started to share them online. I received so much support it was amazing and my songs started to travel all over the world! 

Writing became a huge solace as I created songs reflecting the mood, emotions and situations throughout 2020 and into 2021. All of the songs have been tried, tested and enjoyed.

Once a song is finished it feels very much like it is not mine anymore and I would encourage you to teach the songs as you feel fit and how they suit your group of singers. Omit parts, write new parts, teach a low part to the high singers. I honestly don’t mind. It is of huge joy to me that they are being sung even if just a nugget remains. Please do share with me where they end up! I really do love to see videos, hear snippets and it fills me with absolute joy.

I have vocal tracks for all of the songs and if you email me on then I can send you the link for those.

I am also experienced in running workshops both face-to-face or online so please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

Finally, it has been wonderful to work with Carrie Rogers, an artist local to where I live who has created the gorgeous illustrations throughout this book. I would encourage you to have a look at her work it really is wonderful. All of her contact details are on page 42. 

5% of the profits from this book are to be donated to the George Coller Memorial Fund, a local charity very close to my heart. To read about this small but mighty charity please look on Page 43.

Thank you so much for all your support and stay safe. I hope you enjoy the book.