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Associated NVN member: Ali Burns

Publisher: Little Egg

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Songs for harmony singers by Ali Burns.

At last it’s ready! My new book of workshop material spanning the last few years featuring songs that are easy enough to learn by ear (without too many words!). Some of the songs are just great good fun warm-ups or ice breakers but some of them could easily be developed for performance. The book comes with a double CD of all the parts and recordings of the songs put together.

Full list of songs featured:

  • A Seal Upon Thy Heart
  • All the Might of Darkness
  • He Passed Over
  • In Dangerous Times
  • Love Will Never Break Me
  • May you See Diamonds
  • My Love For You
  • Nothing Matters Tonight
  • Potter’s Diddle March
  • Sweet are the Days
  • Testimony: We Will Remember
  • The Earth Goes to The Earth
  • Time Thou Must Untangle This Not I
  • To The Hills
  • When Death Was Behind Me
  • When Human Life
  • When Love Had No Road
  • Winter Fields
  • Wish I Could Fly Like Noah’s Dove