Resource: Layer upon Layer of Memories | Words and music Audio


Associated NVN member: Jane Harris

Publisher: Jane Harris, Songways

Price: £12 Audio download (48 minutes of words & music)

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A rich collection of words and music inspired by the song Layer upon layer of memories by Jane Harris

Poetry and prose compiled and read by Ruth Sillers woven together with music performed by Jane Harris.

Readings from Jane Austen to Rudyard Kipling, William Shakespeare to Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson to Kenneth Grahame. In turn heart-warming, exquisite, evocative, poignant and funny. Beautiful, resonant violin slow airs and evocative low whistle, violin and vocal soundscapes.

First performed live online in May 2021 with an audience from the UK, US & Canada. Comments from the online performance:

Rich & moving
A beautiful programme… full of meaning and intention