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With over 30 years’ experience teaching/studying/singing/writing, I’ve built up a large repertoire and learned a lot on the way, and I’m happy to share what I know.

So I run a regular Zoom session on Tuesday evenings 6pm (Sydney time), where we look at black gospel, South African gospel and original songs. If you’re in the neighbourhood or the time suits you, please email me for the link:

As part of the benefits I offer my Patreon subscribers, I also offer two Zoom sessions a month: one is to learn a traditional gospel song, the other is more of a seminar/Q&A about the music I’m most passionate about (black gospel). So I talk about my favourite quartet repertoire and play examples of the Soul Stirrers etc, or explore the influence of a particular gospel composer, or discuss choir directing, the intersection of jazz and gospel etc. To join me me on Patreon, click here.

I’m available for bespoke Zoom seminars/workshops/tutorials on choir directing, arranging, songwriting, new repertoire and more :